recipe app iphone ipadDitch your printed cookbooks and collect your favorite recipes on your iPad or iPhone! That’s what I do with the RecipeBook app. Thus far I’ve either uploaded or entered over 150 recipes to the app. RecipeBook makes it easy to use keywords or categories to find old favorites or shop for ingredients. It’s allowed me to get rid of dozens of cookbooks that were hogging space in my kitchen.

Here’s how I use it:

  1. If I find a great recipe in a magazine such as Sunset or have a favorite from a cookbook, I do an internet search of the recipe name. If that doesn’t yield the right result, I type in key ingredients to see if I can find it online.
  2. If I find it online, I open the RecipeBook app on my iPad and click “Find Recipes Online”. Then I click on “Sites” and choose the website I found it on. All the major recipe sites are listed. Then I search for the recipe there. (It only searches on one site at a time – hence the need to narrow your search to one site within the app.)
  3. Once it finds the recipe, I click “Easy Import” and the recipe is imported to the app, photo and all. I choose a category and I’m done!

If I don’t find the recipe online, I enter the recipe myself. I’ve done that for recipes that were passed down by parents and grandparents.

When I’m cooking, I either prop up my iPad by folding its cover back or I insert it into my plastic cookbook holder. The latter prevents splatter, so it’s much preferred.

Here’s a recipe for Orange-Ginger Sweet Potato Casserole I found on that I uploaded to RecipeBook and cooked yesterday. I can’t wait to eat it on Thanksgiving tomorrow! (EDITOR’S NOTE: It was WONDERFUL!!)

recipe book app sweet potato orange ginger casserole